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Ingrown-and-fungal-nailsAre you troubled with onychomycosis?This is a fungal infection on the toenails that make your toes look as if they are accumulated with debris of dirt. Those who don’t know about the condition may think that you don’t frequently clean your toenails. It is an infection that has been taken for granted for many years because there are no pains experienced around the toes. Symptoms of the infection include irregular shape of the toe nails, piling up of debris under the toenails and occasional smell that does not persist. Even though the treatment of the infection is available, most conventional treatments for toenail infections are ineffective and others can have severe side effects. Some of commonly prescribed treatments include oral antifungal and topical medications such ointments and creams. Some physicians have even advocated for the use of topical medications like sprays and lotions and systemic medications. All these prescriptions are seemingly ineffective and produce undesired results.

Efects of onychomycosis.

If ignored the fungal infection on your toe can lead to unexplainable effects. For instance, the infection can spread vigorously to other parts of the skin and other toe nails. If ignored for an extended period of time, the infection can be severe and may hinder proper movement. It can also affect the toes thus making patients to avoid putting on tight shoes. This is because the infection can cause pain around the toenails.

Preferred treatments.

Because most topical medications and systemic plus oral anti fungal can have severe side effects to the liver and kidney, physicians have turned their attention to the surgical removal of the nail plates and the use of laser nail fungus treatment. This entails using germicidal light to eliminate the fungal infection on your toenails. Surgical removal of the fungus is very painful and leaves unpleasant scars on your scars. This leaves the use of laser light the best alternatives for your infected toenails.

How the laser treatment works.

This treatment procedure is very simple and takes very few minutes. The germicidal light is used to remove the fungus by passing it through the infected areas. This will help in suppressing the fungus and eventually removing it. Even though the clearing of the fungus may not be instant, positive results can be realised after some time. The ultimate results will be realized after a period of one year. The procedure normally takes less than half an hour for all the infected ten toenails. Even after the fungus have been removed, the fungus can infect your toes again since fungus are present in every part of our environment. This means that there is need for extra care for toenails to avoid re-infection.

Is the infection covered by the insurance?

In most cases, there are no comprehensive plans that cover the fungal infections of your needs. Most insurance agencies do not have any kind of covers that fully insure patients in case of fungal infections on the toenails because the infection has been ignored and not considered severe.

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